The Basic Level One Course – TLC - I

Course Aim and Outcome

The outcome of this course is the ability to work with the Liquid Crystals in the manner for which they were created, to aid humanity through their healing processes and onto the embodiment of light.

At the end of this course, you will be a Qualified Practitioner of the Liquid Crystals and the stock level of the Crystals becomes available to you so you can make up Liquid Crystals for others.

A Brief description of some of the course contents:

  • The Liquid Crystals their Story, History, Formation and Foundation
  • General Spiritual concepts and The Crystal Kingdom, its Geometry and formation
  • The Elemental and Devic Connection, their role and Work
  • The Liquid Crystal Oracle:
    • Introduction and Activation of Oracle Cards
    • Card Reading for Clients
    • Healing and body placement of the Oracle Cards
  • The Actual Liquid Crystals and their Properties
  • Working with the Liquid Crystals:
    • Using Stock bottles
    • Making client Bottles and combining Crystals
    • Dosing
  • The Names of the Devic being (Master Crystal Guardian) that is responsible for the formation of each Crystal in the Liquid Crystal Range.
  • Close and Intimate Work with the Master Guardians.
  • Liquid Layouts and intention based work such as specific dose programming.
  • Working with the Liquid crystal Website tools.


The course will run for 2 full Days- usually a Weekend, 10am -6pm.


Total Course Cost is Usually $350 AUD.

Re-sitting the Course:

Most people that become TLC Practitioners Re-sit the course a few times. TLC Practitioners are welcome to join and Re-sit the course for a $200 AUD Fee, notes will not be provided and it is always Subject the facilitators Approval and Numbers.

Included in the course cost:

  • Your Life Purpose Reading Print Out
  • Extensive 200 page practitioner manual
  • A serve of Wisdom, Balanced with Power and Embodied Love

Booking and Enquiries:

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