VS3 - Viral Targeted Immunisation Support

VS3 - Viral Targeted Immunisation Support
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VS3 – Viral Immunization Support. 

This beautiful multilayered support remedy, targets all the areas that modern Immunisation protocols would quickly pass off as ‘Side-effects’ or ‘Acceptable Risks’ whilst also helping support protection of body systems and the restoration of body homeostasis (Total body balances) as soon as possible. 

VS3 is a Detoxifying, Restorative and high level Re-writing masterpiece that is designed to support us with a very controversial modern topic. 

VS3 is designed to make immunisation as risk free and non-traumatic as possible where it is a necessity due to Employment, Placement or Travel in the Past, Present and the Future. We can't make Immunisation 100% Safe but we can reduce the risks of on going issues by supporting areas that may suffer complications while we Cleanse and Detox any residual nasties. 

VS3- Contains 15 Active constituents and Tools from our three Modalities, a complete list is in the below Table. 

VS3 Constituents.



-The Liquid Trees

The Totara Tree, The Spruce Tree, The Yew Tree


-The Starchild Directive Minerals/ Tools


Manganite, Charlesite, Eudialyte, Neptunite and the SCD Eleven Geo-Vehicle (The  Star Tetrahedron.)

-The Original liquid Crystals/Minerals and Advanced Tools

Lodestone, Sodalite, Elestial Quartz, Amethyst Elestial, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and some very cleaver applications of the TLC Trinitizer.


VS3-  Dosing Information

7 Drops - Recommended Dosage is 7 Drops Morning and Night for a Period of 21days followed by a 7 day Break. After the first 21 Day process VS3 can be repeated for ongoing support and further Detoxification. 

(VS3 Dosing is recommended for 7 days leading into any mandatory immunisation ideally receiving the immunisation on day 8 after the Morning Dose).

3 Drops - Three Drops as needed can be taken in times of High Need for fast relief. The Three Drop Dose is used more so for short term Symptom support, it is more Vibrational, very Shielding and Protective but not as effective for Long Term Healing and as such should really only be used for Short Term /ImmediateRelief following Immunisations or related Symptom Flare-ups. 

Programmed Role Specific Dosing;- An additional Advanced Dosing Protocol can be found on the TLC Blog page at the below Link. It is recommended you read this topic on our Blog if immunisation is in the future or has been made mandatory at any time for you or your family. 

Infants and Small Children Dosing;- Dosing is the same as above, but with little ones the dose is also readily received through the Palms of the Hands or Top of the Head if you have concerns about internal Dosing.


Please Note, due to the complex nature of this product, to get the full Support and best result if using the 7 Drop Dosing process, it is recommended that you stick to a One person per Bottle format rather than Share it with others. (This does not apply to 3 drop Dosing). 

More Information on VS3 and the VS series can be found on the TLC Blog Click Here.

The Violet Flame

As an added bonus the VS Range are the first TLC Products delivered in Vibrational Specific Alchemically engineered packaging truly a world first. VS1, 2 and 3 come encased in a Heavy Violet Glass bottle that allows only Violet light to reach your solution, everything else is blocked. On top of that, to create an additional line of Defense and lock Vibrational Integrity, the Glass has then been TLC Enhanced by our resident Alchemist, JMA, to hold the Obsidian Frequency and its base Geometric allowing it to carry and invoke the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Place it not only around the Bottle and Patient , but also Key Cellular Structures. The Violet Flame of Transmutation simultaneously at Macro and Micro Levels for the first time.