VS2 - Viral Targeted Symptom Support

VS2 - Viral Targeted Symptom Support
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VS2 -  Viral Health / Symptom Support. 

This is where we go if we are infected or at heavy risk of infection from any virus or process of Dis-ease. Once active in our system VS2, Powerfully removes and Transmutes the fears found in all healing situations while powerfully re-activating our innate role as not only Self Healer, but also Planetary Leader.  

VS2 has been engineered to support and enforce a revolutionary approach in healing where we hyper-activate the embrace of our illness as Student, expediting translation and communication on levels that usually take time. Then once we are schooled, VS2  expedites and activates our role as Teacher of the process on all levels this simply eradicates the original issue by offering the Dis-ease what it came for, surrounding it with a ‘Geometric Result’ or 'Geo-solution', a Geometric light body at a New Revolution rate and/or Frequency. At such a time, he process has run its course, and served its purpose, nothing is lost and nothing is added, but you are now a Teacher of that process towards completion and Health for not only your Loved ones, Family and Friends, but for the world. This is how Healing should happen. 

VS2 - Contains  - 21 Immunity Enhancing, System Specific and Functionality proven SCDirective Minerals, TLTrees and Advanced Level TLC Mineral Therapy Tools all in a Harmonious Geometric Dance, programmed by JMA here at TLC. A list of the 21 Active constituents and Tools included in this Multi-leveled Master piece are in the below Table. 


VS2 Constituents.



-The Liquid Trees

The Hawthorn Tree, The Kauri Tree, The Sandalwood Tree


-The Starchild Directive Minerals/ Tools


Phenakite, Cerussite, Andalusite and Euclase, 

SCDirective 11 Geo-vehicle (The Star Tetrahedron) and SCDirective 6 Geo-vehicle (The Dodecahedron).


-The Original liquid Crystals/Minerals and Advanced Tools

Selenite, Jasper(Red), Boji Stone, Rhodochrosite, Clear Quartz, Apatite, Opal and Amethyst.

The Septo-generator, The Circulatory System Key, The Respiratory System Key and The Lymphatic System Key. 


VS2 -  Dosing Information

7 Drops - Recommended Dosage is 7 Drops Morning and Night for a Period of 21days followed by a 7 day Break. After the first 21 Day process VS2 can be repeated for ongoing support. 

3 Drops - Three Drops as needed can be taken in times of High Need for fast relief. The Three Drop Dose is used more so for short term Symptom support, it is more Vibrational, very Shielding and Protective but not as effective for Long Term Healing and as such should only be used for Short Term /ImmediateRelief.


Please Note, due to the complex nature of this product, to get the full Support and best result if using the 7 Drop Dosing process, it is recommended that you stick to a One person per Bottle format rather than Share it with others. (This does not apply to 3 drop Dosing). 

More information on VS2 Can be found on the TLC Blog. Click Here. 

The Violet Flame As an added bonus the VS Range are the first TLC Products delivered in Vibrational Specific Alchemically engineered packaging truly a world first. VS1, 2 and 3 come encased in a Heavy Violet Glass bottle that allows only Violet light to reach your solution, everything else is blocked. On top of that, to create an additional line of Defense and lock Vibrational Integrity, the Glass has then been TLC Enhanced by our resident Alchemist, JMA, to hold the Obsidian Frequency and its base Geometric allowing it to carry and invoke the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Place it not only around the Bottle and Patient , but also Key Cellular Structures. The Violet Flame of Transmutation simultaneously at Macro and Micro Levels for the first time.