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The Third Eye Trinity. Iolite, Azurite and Sapphire.

The 3 Liquid Crystals in this set are used to address any and all issues at the Third Eye Chakra, including its Balancing, Awakening, Opening and alignment. This trinity corrects the Vision of self and regulates ones vision of the world around them.

Other reasons for taking this trinity may be Confusion, lack of Insight, Focus or vision, lowered intuitive trust or mental imbalance. This Trinity will powerfully activate Clairvoyance. It is possible physically that one may be experiencing Glandular or endocrine troubles, Hormone Imbalance, Migraines or Tension Headaches, eye troubles, Sinus infections, panic attacks or mental Stress.

The use of these stones in the order given is the most powerful form of Ancient Atlantian Healing for that chakra and area of the body. Crystal One is a powerful activation and opening Crystal, Crystal Two is a powerful healing and balancing stone and crystal three will lift the frequency of the center to its highest point. The result is complete and permanent healing.

This trinity set contains 3 separate bottles of Liquid Crystal in a specialised Trinity Box.