TLC and Starchild Directives Mega Wall Chart.

TLC and Starchild Directives Mega Wall Chart.TLC and Starchild Directives Mega Wall Chart.TLC and Starchild Directives Mega Wall Chart.
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The Liquid Crystals has been at the forefront of Crystalline Healing and Spiritual development now for over 15 Years and this amazing Wall chart contains most of the Correspondences that occur within the TLC modality and its little sister The Starchild Directives. 

On the chart you will find wisdom on 110 Crystals, Minerals and Metals and how they relate to each other across the planetary and universal Crystalline Cycles. This is not only the perfect reference for an Advanced TLC Practitioner, but also a wake up call for those out there in the world that may still not truly know what we do. 

On this Chart you will find everything from the 11 Ancient Cities of Atlantis all the way through to the connecting aspects for the New Children of Light. The Sacred days, Animals, Essential Oils, Stargates, Affirmations, Simple Purposes of the Crystals, Emanation Points, Tree of Life References and way way more. 

"I know this is going to create a stir out there in the unrealised TLC world, theres going to be a lot of questions, but thats good! Its time everyone knew what we do, TLC has never been about treating a person with a remedy, thats a fringe benefit, we are offering the embrace of Mortal and Universal makeup so as One we can Embrace the Universe! Links upon links, cycles within cycles ....Ha ha....any Questions?? See you at the next course!" - JMAsar