The complete boxed set of 12 Crystal Skulls.

The complete boxed set of 12 Crystal Skulls.
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The Complete Set of TLC Crystalline Consciousness Activators. -Add depth to all Healing and aid a more Permanent outcome. -Help in the Emotional and Mental sides of healing so the body can remember how to cure itself in life and carry the cure for others. -Bring Purpose and Balance to the 11 levels of self by way of teaching the place of thoughts and Feelings in healing and life. -Allow the rewriting of self to deliver Purpose from the endless Potentials. - Make available any ancient records, gifts and/or light-packets left by the self on that level of Consciousness. -The TLC Crystalline Consciousness Activators facilitate more complete healing when taken in conjunction with any Liquid crystal from the same City region. -Deliver Clarity of Emotion and Initiate the Crystalline Activation of the New Earth body. - Facilitate entry to the new world and living in it especially for the Children of Light. -Open the true pathways of Wisdom in Life -Open this life€s Potentials so Purpose may be found on all Levels