Contemplation Space

Contemplation Space
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Contemplation Space.

This Amazing Room/Body Spray designed and brought to Life by Justin Moikeha Asar is a Limited Edition TLC Product that will only be available when we have the rare Sacred Fragrance that gives it Life and creates a Space like no other on Earth.

 Contemplation Space contains the TLC Lightbody Activators for  Buddha and Kwan Yin  in full functioning form (7 Crystals) and The Fig Tree from the NEW Liquid Trees Range all empowered and brought to life with the Sacred Fragrance of Gaharu Essential Oil, Often called the Breath of the Buddha, this highly revered Fragrance is mentioned in the seminal texts of Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. 

This Spray is a beautiful and Potent gift that can be worked with Before, During and After all Sacred work.

 'Rest Within the Shade of the Sacred Fig Tree with the Lord Buddha and Lady Kwan Yin'.