The Pleiadian Series Set

The Pleiadian Series Set
  • Price: $245.00

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The Pleiadian Series Set (9 x 25ml Bottles) 

This Set includes includes the 7 Pleiadian Sisters, Lord Devlin and the Pleiadian Stargate Activator. Everything you need to journey deep into the pleiadian Star System. 

9 Bottles, all 25 ml and ready to go, this is the best Non-Practitioner option, the Whole TLC Pleiadian Range, locked and Loaded! Game ON!

Investment;- Individually Totals $275.00 of Product, as a set its $245.00.  Plus We are going to take $100 Off the Course if you Purchase before the 10th of January 2020. See Below! 

***This purchase qualifies you for our TLC Xmas Special.***

Everyone that invests in a full TLC Pleiadian Set (or Full Pleiadian Practitioner Set) before and up till the 10th of January will Receive a $100 off an EXCLUSIVE once only Pleiadian Activation Event with Justin Moikeha Asar to be Held on the Gold Coast, Melbourne and possibly Sydney (Subject to Numbers) in February/March 2020 where Several Activations will be offered and the Range will be introduced and elaborated upon.  

Please note this offer is Non-Transferable and A full Pleiadian Set purchase is the only way to get the $100 Discount, it is also Not Redeemable for Cash and valid only once per Customer.