The Pleiadian Gateway - The Pleiadian Series

The Pleiadian Gateway - The Pleiadian Series
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The Pleiadian Gateway - The First Stargate of The TLC Universal Voyager Series. 

Using the Pleiadian crystalline Stargate co-ordinates 7 drops of this beauty will take you on a Journey through the stars of the Pleiadian Star system for a pre-programmed 15 minute Journey. 

Simply write your Exact chosen leave time on a Piece of Paper and place it under the Bottle with at least 15 minutes notice. Take your 7 drops and Lay back and enjoy your Journey through the Stars. 

Please Note;- Starwalk is a skill and it may take a few attempts to for you to truly recall the anything let alone the totality of your Journey. To get the most out of this TLC awesomeness a few tips are below for Frequent flyers;-

-Always give yourself time to get comfortable and in the right state before the start time. 

- Make sure you won't be disturbed. 

- Have a Goal/Purpose for your Journey. 

-Group Travel is very powerful and within the scope of this Starborn masterpiece. (7 Drops Each and only one leave time per group.)

-Information received is often emotional and thus for many can only be transcribed into words through Art. 

-Always have a Travel Log, and write Down all (intended) Leave times and afterwards detail your Experiences the best way possible. 

-A Set Star in the Pleiadian System can be targeted through the Stargate Activator simply write your chosen Sisters name on the Same Paper as the Leave time. (....and in your Starlog.) This is Very powerful if you also are able to take 7 drops of your Chosen Pleiadian Sisters TLC Lightbody Activator. 

-There can be side-effects with this kind of work and although usually mild, they can include dizziness and General un-groundedness, Time based micro-realisations so no driving, cooking dinner or operating machines for an hour or two after Travel.