Whale Shark -Nun-te-ku-ba

Whale Shark -Nun-te-ku-ba
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Whale Shark Dreaming

Principle Crystal and Purpose;- Moldavite- Starchild

Essential Oil;- Yarrow

Main in-body Chakra(s);- Heart, Third Eye, Sacral.

Lessons and Keywords;- The Emotional Warrior. The Power of Flow. Respect for Nature, Star/Earth Link, Divinity in Structure as Feeling. Oneness. Commitment to the World and Ones Chosen Path in Life in it. Faith in Self. The joy of Choice . Male/ Female balance. Roles we play for Others.Causes Behind Illness. Bravely Creative.Emotional Mastery. Oneness. Spiritual Practice. Light and Color. Gratitude. The Garden Of Possibilities. Serapis Bey.

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