The Nun-te-ku-ba Set of Seven Great Teachers.

The Nun-te-ku-ba Set of Seven Great Teachers.
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The Entire set of Seven Nun-te-ku-ba. (This set does NOT contain Mermaid or Merman.)

With this set of Seven you have the great ones of our Oceans at your side as your Guardians, Guides, Teachers and Companions.

This set contains 20ml Bottles of;-

Great White Dreaming

Humpback Whale Song

Whale Shark Dreaming

Beluga Whale Song

Blue Whale Song

Dolphin Song

Dugong Dreaming

More info on each of these is easier to read on the TLC Blog (Click here)

What is Nun-te-ku-ba?

Nun-te-ku-ba is the ancient Atlantian term for the Greatest teachers of our oceans, it translates roughly to, ‘Living Beauty of the Spiritual Sea.” These great beings were revered for their great Love, Power and Wisdom in a world of Emotion that passed, but now by natural cycle re-opened at the close of 2013. The need for these beautiful emotional ways has returned. This series is their Voice. 

How does a TLC Nun-te-ku-ba Remedy work?

The Liquid Crystals(TLC) Nun-te-ku-ba series works with Crystalline Consciousness so contains Crystal(s) in Liquid Form that match the frequency of each of the Nun-te-ku-ba. On taking the remedy your Skull (Home of your Consciousness on earth) is embedded with the Skull and frequency of your chosen Nun-te-ku-ba, you are linked to the Consciousness Grid for that being. You can think and Feel in the same way as your chosen Nun-te-ku-ba, offering all their secrets and amazing healing pathways. NO ANIMALS ARE HARMED TO DO THIS.

Why would I work with this?

As part of a Universal cycle, on the 21st of December 2012 our world exchanged its gender and an Emotional Age was born to replace the Mental with which our race had lived since Atlantis. We are going to need some help with our new Emotional frequency, so as we always have in times of need, we look to Nature. Natures Emotional Body is the Ocean. The Ocean covers 71 percent of the Earth's surface, but we have explored only 5 percent of the underwater world, the Rest is a Mystery. The same could be said about us living in an Emotional World, 95 Percent is unknown to us!

I remember a time when it was not this way. and I know who taught us our most important pathways. If you Love the Ocean, Surfing, Sailing, Swimming, Diving, Dolphins, Whales and the Water World, or more importantly if you don’t, then the Nun-te-ku-ba will help you remember who you are. Are you ready to discover the other 95 Percent Emotion that you are but don’t know or embrace?.... Or maybe you just want to talk to Dolphins, Whales and the Great Creatures of the Seas.

What should I expect?

After a 3 drop dose there is an instant increase in light frequency in and around the self and a presence just above and just behind you. This will be felt, seen as light or even heard as a sound around you depending on your most active sense. The more you work with a certain Nun-te-ku-ba the more profound their presence will be. As these great beings are Emotional so is there language, their messages

and gifts must be felt to be understood. Your personal pathway to feeling is just that, a pathway, so remember what ever happens, always feel your way through it, even if you are recalling it later. You can expect some, any or all of the following;- Visions, Colors, Sounds, Songs, Feelings of Movement in and around the self, Tears, Laughter, Pure Emotion and of course if you go to the Ocean, amazing physical Visits from your Nun-te-ku-ba of choice.

Are TLC Nun-te-ku-ba safe for Everyone?

Yes absolutely, they are safe of everyone 0-150 years old, if your older than that you probably wont need it. The Nun-te-ku-ba are here to serve and offer their gifts to you. As an individual you will taper their teaching and lessons to match your ability and desire.

Note;- With the Nun-te-ku-ba there can be profound healing at times and this often means change on all levels of self, there is often a few bumps on the road back to perfection.

Dosing Information.

The TLC Nun-te-ku-ba are taken orally in Three Drop Doses as needed. They can also be taken through the palms of the hands or used to Anoint the body before Meditation, Ritual or Spiritual Work.

Other activities with TLC Nun-te-ku-ba?

-Channeling- receive the messages of the Nun-te-ku-ba to guide you life.

-Have a Healing bath in the unconditional love of these great beings and discover all you can about your healing processes, just allow.

-Anoint the body for Spiritual work and Meditation

-Companionship, take an Nun-te-ku-ba on holiday to the Ocean where they reside to see what its really all about.

- Anoint candles, cards and other objects of power.