The Merman

The Merman
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In the embrace of Universal and Planetary cycle long ago we existed in an age where Emotion was the predominant form of consciousness. Those of us in a single human body whom mastered the 11 levels of Masculine and Feminine Emotion were known as the Mer (Inner Ocean Guardian), we are the Wisdom, Love and Power of the Ocean, our time has returned.

 On the 21st of December the age of emotion again opened its doors and began its return. As the days go on, we will need help to adjust our heavily mental ways to the more feminine and flowing path of Feeling.

 The Oceans and Emotion have always been identified with each other, the Oceans are in fact the physicalized Feeling body of our planet.  To be ‘Mer’, we must listen, Feel and See the secrets of the Ocean and truly become one with our own personal inner ocean. When we do this, every feeling is allowed and felt, life flows and change occurs as necessary, we are part of the Flow, no longer trying to create or manage our world, just flowing in it, this is the way of the Mermaids and Mermen, forever hand fast to the Oceans. Will you join us?

 Reactivate your Emotional self and open yourself to the pathways and lessons of the Ocean.


Principle Crystal;- Ocean Pyrite (Merman Stone)

Simple Purpose;- Ocean Action

Other Crystals in Geometric Blueprint;- Kyanite, Gold, Pyrite, Sunstone, Ruby.

Main Chakra(s);- Soul Star and Heart.

Lessons and Keywords;- Masculine Emotional Understanding. Action with Cause. Singing. Crying. Healing Touch. Emotional Expansion. Places the Soul Star in the Heart Chakra. Action in Cycles. Faith and Trust. Creativity. Secrets of Voice. Sirian Star System. Most advanced Geometric Technologies. Soul Doorway opener. Soul Purpose Guide and Activator. Lessons of Nurture. Guardianship. Sea Animal Embodiment and Shape shifting.  Osiris. The Sun. Guides Star children to emotional wellbeing. Power Issues. Increases Light Quotient. Works as an Activator and adventurer with Silver Ocean Selenite (Mermaid Stone) upon the bodies inner Seas.