Dugong Dreaming -Nun-te-ku-ba

Dugong Dreaming -Nun-te-ku-ba
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Dugong Dreaming

Principle Crystal and Purpose;- Black Coral- Light in the Darkness.

Essential Oil;- Niaouli

Main in-body Chakra(s);- Base, Solar Plexus.

Lessons and Keywords;- The Faith Maker. Making your own world. Forgiveness and Peace. Regeneration. Purification by True Feeling. Personal Power and Self Love Balance. Ability to see light in all Darkness. Seeing divinity within Physicality. Past Life Work. Fertility and Life Force Issues. Secrets of Magical Arts. Knowing what really matters in Life. Male/ Female Balance. Awareness of Body Needs. The Violet Flame of Transmutation-Lord Saint Germaine.

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