Great White Shark-Nun-te-ku-ba

Great White Shark-Nun-te-ku-ba
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Great White Dreaming

Principle Crystal and Purpose;- Black Tourmaline-Protection Essential Oil;- Caraway

Main in-body Chakra(s);- Base Chakra.

Lessons and Keywords;- The Protector of Power. 

Self-empowerment. The Way of Inner Strength. Trust in Infinite Inner Light. Activation of the Positive Self through Faith in Abilities. Protector of all as One. Motivation. Inner Fire. Warrior. Seer of Truth. Security. Kundalini. Inner/ Outer world Balance.Fatherhood. Fertility. Leadership. Perseverance. Decision Making. Maintenance of Detachment. 

Venues, Activations, Initiations:- The Red Flame. Temple of Sacred Night. 

Lords and Ladies;- El Morya, Osiris, Maat.

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