Dolphin Song -Nun-te-ku-ba

Dolphin Song -Nun-te-ku-ba
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Dolphin Song

Principle Crystal and Purpose;- Emerald- Spiritual Healing 

Essential Oil;- Rose

Main in-body Chakra(s);- Heart.

Lessons and Keywords;- The Healer. Emotional Understanding. Play.The Inner Child. Dance. Laughter. Voice of Healing. Emotional Simplification. Patience with Cycles. Optimism. Spiritual Abundance. Love/Power balance. Beauty. Giving and receiving Love.Stillness. Breathing. Wisdom of Living in Many Worlds as One. Vitality Balance. Energy. Inner Flame. Power of Truth. Non-Judgment. Forgiveness. Compassion.Goddess. Messenger of Light. The Temple of Eternity.

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