DVD- Great Teachers of the Ocean -DVD- Secrets of the Atlantian Nu-Te-Ku-ba

DVD- Great Teachers of the Ocean -DVD- Secrets of the Atlantian Nu-Te-Ku-ba
DVD- Great Teachers of the Ocean -DVD- Secrets of the Atlantian Nu-Te-Ku-ba
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4 hours of Justin Moikeha Asar facilitating the Nun-Te- Ku-Ba Course live on the Sunshine Coast Australia.

Join Justin Moikeha Asar for a Journey through the healing embrace of the Oceans Great Healers and Teachers, the Atlantian Nun Te K Ba.

Nun-te-ku-ba is the ancient Atlantian term for the Greatest teachers of our oceans, it translates as, ‘Living Beauty of the Spiritual Sea.' and includes whales, dolphins and other great teachers of the oceans. In Atlantian times these great beings were revered for their great Love, Power and Wisdom. That era, some time ago, where Emotional consciousness ruled, came to an end, but now through the natural cycles of the Earth, it has dawned again and the need for these beautiful emotional ways has returned.

This workshop, Led by Justin Moikeha Asar, creator of The Liquid Crystals mineral therapy, features 11 powerful guided meditations and delves into the mysterious and fascinating ways of the Great teachers of the oceans. This is a unique opportunity to connect with the emotional wisdom and spiritual messages of the creatures of the sea and feel yourself become one with the oceans.

Some topics include.
-Understanding the Secrets of the the seven main Nun te ku ba; The Dolphin, The Humpback Whale, The Whale Shark, The Blue Whale, The Dugong, The Beluga and The Great White Shark. 

-Discover the secret pathways of these great teachers and understand working with them on all levels as Healers and Guides

- Learn about our inner oceans and swimming within them 

-Discover the Stargate alignments of each Nun Te Ku Ba and how to work with them.

-Learn Nun te ku ba Bi-location and Communication.

-Understand the Ancient Mermaids and Mermen, who they were and how to walk their Path.

-Take part in the Nun te ku ba Activation and become a voice for the Ocean.

-Discover the Atlatian Mer. The origin of the Mermaid and Mermen.

"Enjoy this work, its application and its evolution, it represents one of my finest efforts, fulfilling a dream I have always had to spend time on earth as each of these amazing creatures in this life!  A deeper aspect of this work is a series of Liquid Crystalline beauties, a series of Liquids that are taken orally. These are the worlds first Interspecies Consciousness activators able to merge the Human Crystalline Skull structure with that of your chosen Nun-Te -ku- ba opening YOU to THEIR Consciousness Grids, and all their Love, Power and Wisdom.

See you within the Peace of our shared inner ocean."

                                                                                                - Justin Moikeha Asar.

If you wish to go deeper, there is more info on the Nun-Te- Ku-Ba remedies here-