Alteza -Atlantian City Five Boxed Set of Seven Crystals.

Alteza -Atlantian City Five Boxed Set of Seven Crystals.
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This is a  boxed set in which 7 Liquid Crystals, in separate bottles sit on their ancient symbols in the sacred order in which they are to be taken. This is the exact way in our ancient world we could become a High Priestess or Priest of the Atlantian Ways.

The Crystals in this City are;- Ruby Calcite Green Kyanite Zircon Black Tourmaline Agate Botswana Labradorite.This is the most potent form of Crystal Healing, Earth Embrace and Ascension via the mineral Kingdom on Earth. For More information on your Box set, taking it and working with the TLC Atlantian Box sets of Crystals please visit our Blog and read the Cities Topics or click the below links. 

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