Vesuvianite 20ml (SCD9C) Loyalty

Vesuvianite 20ml (SCD9C) Loyalty
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Vesuvianite (D9C)

Simple Purpose;- Loyalty

Master Deva Name-  As-man-el-ka

Principle Color(s);-Green, Blue, Purple, Red, White, Brown, Yellow.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;-Mt Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia. (Father)

Affirmation;- “I allow the Universal flow.

Keywords;-Loyalty to self and the world. Mind/Emotional reality Balance. Integrity. Attachments. Ego. Trapped. Courage. Self-Service. Truth of Actions and the World around one. Calms Anger. Creativity. Clairsentience. Digestion, Teeth Health. Mountain Vesuvius. Vywamus. Great Silent Watchers. The Emerald Flame.

Physical/Systems- Vesuvianite enhances Digestive Function, balancing Acidity in the Body.  It Strengthens the Teeth and Increases Taste Sensitivity.  This Mineral has a powerful unmatched Hormone Balancing effect on Teenagers, Boys and Girls. Vesuvianite can help bring balance to irregular White Blood Cell counts.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

- Vesuvianite links the Mind and Emotions through the spiritual heart bringing greater understanding, wholeness and integrity to actions and the way the physical world is viewed. This allows one to release attachments and the views of others with confidence and courage finding a true path in the world that serves self. Loyalty to Self and the World is Assured.

-Indicates things that we do in life that block our personal advancement. 

-Brings purpose back to life, by filling in the blanks, highlighting the hidden agenda behind Things and Actions. 

-Powerfully Breaks Addictions.

Pics;- Amazingly the Same Mineral Different Shades for Boys and Girls.