Vanadinite 20ml (SCD9A) Order

Vanadinite 20ml (SCD9A) Order
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Vanadinite (D9A)

Simple Purpose; –Order

Master Deva Name- Ana-Ku-adam-el

Principle Color(s);-White, Yellow, Gold, Brown, Red.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;-Mt Raung, East Java, Indonesia. (Mother)

Affirmation;- “We create our world all has Purpose we are One.”

-Keywords;-Order. Planning. Pursuit of Goals and ones path to them. Acceptance of Physicality. The limits of responsibility in the physical world. Link to Best possible self. Change towards Freedom. Delusion Breaker. Etheric Template reader that connects to the Earth Star Chakra. Meditation. Breath Balancer. Psychic enhancement. Saving Money. Buddha. Isis. Mt Kailash

Physical/ Systems;- Treats Exhaustion, Asthma, breathing disorders and Bladder problems. OCD conditions can be corrected.  Chronic Asthma, Skin Conditions, Bladder issues and eyesight problems. Bed wetting and Physical body Stress related illnesses can be remedied.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Vanadinite breaks any aspects of control that others may have over you.

- Induces ‘Peace of Mind’ and a place for inner stillness.

- Vanadinite can be used when there is insomnia from Detailed Dreams of the real world including places and people. 

-This is one of few substances that Treats insidious Tiredness.