Uvarovite 20ml (SCD6A) Immortal Heart

Uvarovite 20ml (SCD6A) Immortal Heart
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Uvarovite (D6A)

Simple Purpose; – Immortal Heart

Master Deva Name- Var-ra-maat–ku-el

Principle Color(s);- Green, Emerald Green and Green Black.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mount Mikeno, Congo.

Affirmation;- “All is Love, Love is all that is.”

Keywords;- Endless Nature of the Soul. Immortality, Heart Chakra, True Love Manifestation, Oneness, Being Love, Solitude, Peace, Quite, Clarity of Mind and Emotions, Relationships. Heart, Lungs, Leukemia, Urinary System. Detoxification. Dolphin Song, The Green Flame on Earth. Ra. Maat. Pleiades.

Physical and Body Systems;- Balances acidic conditions, Treats Heart and Lung issues. Uvarovite  is used for Urinary System Infections and Leukemia. This is a Crystal for the Circulatory System as it governs the spread of Fire through the body and the functions of Heart. General Detoxification on all levels and in all body Systems. (Including the Communication Paths between them.)

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Helps in the Recognition of the Divine nature of ones Soul and can increase the volume of its song showing the way to universal purpose with Love.

- Increases the ability to speak up when needed and follow the ‘Inner Voice(s)’ that have been screaming out for attention. 

- Uvarovite slays the dragons of Insecurity, Self-Doubt, Fear and Mistrust of others. It is a Heart infused Power Stone. The expression ‘Love Conquers All!’ belongs here.