Seraphinite 20ml (SCD6C) Angelic Reflection

Seraphinite 20ml (SCD6C) Angelic Reflection
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Seraphinite (D6C)

Simple Purpose; – Angelic Reflection

Master Deva Name- Sera-phel.

Principle Color(s);- Green or Black Green with Silver threads.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mount Tullu Dimtu, Ethiopia.

Affirmation;- “Self then others.”

Keywords;- Angelic communication, Healing, Offers the Wisdom of Power placement. Breaks Habits. Increases Psychic awareness.Is a Chakra and Vibrational Harmoniser. Increases Enlightenment. Activates Path Finding. Opens and Finalises Self-healing. Exposes the Shadow self. Aids Devic Communication. Is Sacred to Serapis Bey. Pathway of the White Flame of Purity. 

Physical/ Systems;- Seraphinite treats Tiredness, depleation and Lowered Immunity. All manner of Heart issues can be treated with this stone. Seraphinite treats Asthma, Exzema, and Coldness in Extremities.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;- 

- The real gifts of Seraphinite are to do with its ability to activate remote viewing of ones life. Its vibration sits you way up high above yourself and shows you your path so far. Not only is everything that serves the real you is made very clear, but so is everything that serves your shadow. Prepare to see the True self, admit fault and Rise Reborn.

-Seraphinite is a Potent Rescue stone that can rescue one from the absolute deapths of self induced destruction. In fact, this Stone has no Equal when it comes to dealing with Self Doubt and Disrespect of the Self. 

- The Person that needs this crystal has an ongoing tendency to ask continuously if everyone is OK?!...... “Are you Ok?”….