Pyrolusite 20ml (SCD3H) The Black Flame

Pyrolusite 20ml (SCD3H) The Black Flame
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Pyrolusite (D3H)

Simple Purpose; - The Black Flame

 Master Deva Name - Py-lu-ra -el

Principle Color(s);-Black, Gray, Steel Blue.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- The Devils Tower,Wyoming USA

Affirmation;- “I feel, I choose my Reality.”

Physical/ Systems -Pyrolusite is a Circulatory and Metabolism tonic and can Heal Eye Sight issues. All manner of Heart Disease and all Heart Conditions. Regulates Metabolism. Strengthening to the veins of the Body. 

Keywords;- Healing by Transmutation of Disease-Physical, Mental and Emotional. Re-constructer of Light. Protection, Staying true to own beliefs, Blocks out the opinions of others so own work can be completed. Support in Emotional Healing, Powerful Stabilizing effect on the Emotional and Etheric Levels of a person, Power of Self, Confidence, determination, Release of Deep emotional blocks from this and other lives, Black Flame, Kundalini activator, Physical heart conditions, Eyes. Isis, Maat.

Other important aspects of Pyrolusite;-With its Silky Black Frequency this Mineral dissolves scattered emotion inwardly actually restructuring it into purpose and placing everything where it needs to be in Life. This is a key stone for Emotional Healing achieving a Depth measured in Time and in Space unachievable any other way. 

-This is a Relationship Stone always showing the Purpose and highlighting the joys of an ongoing Process of sharing life with another person.

-Pyrolusite is a powerful Extraterrestrial Translation Mineral.