Pietersite 20ml (SCD8A) The Journey Maker

Pietersite 20ml (SCD8A) The Journey Maker
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Pietersite (D8A) 

Simple Purpose; – The Journey Maker.

Master Deva Name- Terra-ka-el

Principle Color(s);- Yellow, Gold, Blue, Black, Red, Brown, Silver. 

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Lago Sal. Grande (mother)

Affirmation;- “I have Faith in the World.”

Keywords;- The Journey Maker. Soul Purpose Reminder. Cuts through illusion, Increases self Trust and Confidence. Spiritual Vision, Habit Breaking. Imagination, Dream Translation, Empowers Change and Faith. Pineal Gland. Beauty within. Shamanic Path. Anubis. The shadow. The Lord Lanto. (Confucius)

Physical/ Systems;- Nervous System Weakness and issues. Brain Issues, and Imbalances. Pituitary imbalances (Visions).  Dreams that wake one up with a fright due to realism. With Hormone Balance but a specialist with Growth Hormone Issues.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

- The real power of Pietersite is its ability to re-open and re-introduce you to your gifts and strengths. This is really important in cases of manipulation where you may have allowed the people of this world to squash your greatness or steal your Peace and Power.

-Increases Courage like no other mineral especially in matters where there are Fears of Confrontation.