Phenakite 20ml (SCD11H) Heavenly Gathering

Phenakite 20ml (SCD11H) Heavenly Gathering
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Phenakite (D11H)

Simple Purpose; –Heavenly Gathering 

Master Deva Name- Elo-om-kai-ta-el

Principle Color(s);- Clear, Yellow, Brown, Red.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Montserrat Mountain Range- Spain

Affirmation;- “ A child of the infinite I am One with all things.”

Keywords;-Heavenly Gathering. Binds a Group Vibration. Activates and links the Soul Star Charka. High Frequency. Gathering of Energies-Sum greater than the Parts. Etheric Body Enhancement. Encourages a Spiritual Life. All Chakra Activator. The New Moldavite. Pyrite for Starchildren. Isis. Osiris. Ra. The Arcturians. Montserrat. The Clear Flame

Physical/ Systems;- Treats all manner of Physical, Emotional and Mentally defined ‘Umbrella Illnesses’ of Starchildren. Everything from Autism to Depression, Epilepsy to Brain Imbalance, Schizophrenias, OCD and in short anything Modern Medicine has stuck under an umbrella due to ego and ignorance.  Treats Micro-combustion(Random Very Painful Heat in the body due to Meridian expansion). Headaches. Migraines. Breathing Difficulties. 

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Holds the highest light frequency in the mineral kingdom and able to generate its own light indefinitely. 

-Increases overall vibration, activates and clears all Chakras and promotes powerful Healing on all levels.

-One of Phenakite features, is its ability to Gather Vibrations of different types and levels and roll them together towards a common goal. This Gathering ability helps one to never feel alone or lost, and it has a deep comforting effect showing purpose on matters and positions in physical life.

-Teachs Starchildren to communicate and store their advanced feelings and thoughts in the Etheric Body rather than inside the Skull relieving the pressure of expanded consciousness and its many symptoms.