Neptunite 20ml (SCD1C) Light Transmission

Neptunite 20ml (SCD1C) Light Transmission
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Neptunite (D1C)


Simple Purpose; – Light Transmission


Master Deva Name- Tun-ra-ke-el


Principle Colors;- Black


Simple Earth Emanation Pt;- Spirits Bay, NZ


Affirmation;- “I am endless Light, it flows from me with Purpose” 


Physical/ Body Systems;- Issues associated with addictions (especially alcohol); Good for gums, teeth and bone issues. Increases effective Vitamin and Mineral absorption. Neptunite is a Muscular System builder and corrector. Treats Cancers and facilitates stagnant energy dispersal. Nightmares and Terrors. Panic attacks and Nervousness.


Keywords;- Light Transmission-Channels the hyperactive inner Fires making there expression effective. Hyperactive spirit, Sustaining energy, Diffusion of Energy into purpose, Judgment, Resourcefulness, Personal Power and Vitality output monitor, Stabilizer, Director of Light, Purpose, Muscular System builder and corrector, Cancers and stagnant energy dispersal, Shadows of the Ocean, Way of The Trident, Poseidon (God of the Sea), Dragon Kings of the Four Seas (Chinese mythology), The Taniwha.(NZ). Sobek, Nephthys and Tefnut (Egypt)

Something Extra from the Starchild Directives -This is a Crystal of Dragons and as such has been called 'Dragon Stone' in the past. Most Powerfully, the New Zealand Māori remembered ‘Taniwha’ a Great Gentle sea serpent will answer by Voice in this stones frequency from the depths where it plays off the Shores of Spirits Bay. (4/10)