Manganite 20ml (SCD11A) Divine Responsibility

Manganite 20ml (SCD11A) Divine Responsibility
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Manganite (D11A)

Simple Purpose; –Divine Responsibility

Master Deva Name- Anga-o-el

Principle Color(s);- Metallic Black, Black.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;-  Seven Rila Lakes (Bulgaria)

Affirmation;- “I am the new way of Earth, I Choose Life.”

Keywords;-Divine Responsibility. Healing. The Silver Flame. Etheric Body. Alignment. Conscious Duality Mastery. Grounding. Depression. Despair. Grief. Relationships. Controlling. A Crystal of Breaking free. The Shining Black Robe of Inner Night. Osiris. Anubis. The Shadow Guardians Stone

Physical/Systems;-Manganite strengthens the circulatory system, helps with healing blood and bleeding problems, alleviates pain, boosts the immune system. Powerful in Blood transfusions and any form of Blood based infection or disease process. A stone of Spiritual Fertility something that is very Rare.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-This crystal shows us the causes behind Withdrawal, Despair and Depression are a lack of Self –Love and Self-Respect which are our Divine Responsibility, it then offers creative pathways back out into the world.

-Shows and Teaches one their personal gifts and then highlights pathways so they can enter the world. 

-It is a crystal of responsibility, positive action and standing up for ones self, helping to release attachment and control on all levels.

-Manganite encourages one to put a stop to relationships of all kinds that are controlling our outputs and helps us to release Grief that is found there.

‘The most sacred of places is neither here nor there, it is in the very nature of both there Potentials.’