Brookite 20ml (SCD5H) Divine Will

Brookite 20ml (SCD5H) Divine Will
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Brookite (D5H)

Simple Purpose; – Divine Will

 Master Deva Name- Aka-ta-ne-ku-el

Principle Color(s);- Black Brown, Yellow, Red, Dark brown.

 Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Ch'iqun, Peru

Affirmation;- “I am the vessel of Creation.”

Keywords;- Guidance, Divine Will, Severity, Boom, Power, Desire for Change, Acceptance, Discernment of thought, Recognizes the Spiritual nature in Actions, Readiness to act. Energy, Fire, Seth, The Archangelic Realm, Elohim.  Black Fire.

Physical/ Systems;- Brookite is used to treat Debilitating illness and ongoing health battles. It treats all manner of circulation issues. Brookite can be a potent crystal for fertility issues that have resulted from under activity. Reproductive system re-constructer. (Very Rare and Important.) Calming and Consolidating to conclusion in all conditions.

Extra Starchild Directives Brookite Information;- 

-This Crystal powerfully treats Frustration, Anger and even Violence where the seed is the stress of being unable to percieve lifes direction or purpose. ‘Theres not Point!’, ‘Why bother?’ and ‘It won’t change anything!’ are all favorite sayings of the person that needs Bookite. 

- Brookite treats Addictions based in Avoidence.  Where a substance or activity is used to create an alternate reality and numb ones surroundings as life seems a hopeless and never ending journey to darkness.