Leucite 20ml (SCD4C) The Creation Window

Leucite 20ml (SCD4C) The Creation Window
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Leucite (D4C)

Simple Purpose;–The Creation Window

Master Deva Name;-Leu-ra-ka-ba

Principle Color(s);-White, Clear, Grey, Silver.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;-Trango Towers, Pakistan

Affirmation;- “Divine outcome is my Birthright.”

Keywords;-Creation and Energy relationship master. Connections, Linking, Remembering of immortal concepts, Truth behind the Motives of others, Simplification, Appreciation, Creative Responsibility, Sacred Geometric Secrets. Light packet Magnet and Activator. 

-Physical/ Systems;- Heart Issues especially regarding function. Brain Balancer bringing balance to both Hemispheres and their communication. Central Nervous System Tonic. Treats hot flushes and waves of Heat in the body. Increases the sense of Touch. Has an affinity for the Teeth. Spiritual Fertility.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-This Crystal Carries the highest level of Realized Light in the Mineral Kingdom. 

- Leucite allows one an insight into there current creations on all levels and how to manage them. 

-Calms an Irregular, Erratic and flighty attitude towards living life.