Kinoite 20ml (SCD9H) True Structure

Kinoite 20ml (SCD9H) True Structure
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Kinoite (D9H)

Simple Purpose; –True Structure

Master Deva Name;-Shaddi-cha-el

Primary Earth origin(s);-Japan, USA(Utah, Arizona).

Principle Color(s);-Clear, Blue.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;-Uluwatu (Below Temple),Bali, Indonesia. (Child)

Affirmation;- “I am the Creator of my world.”

-Keywords;-True Structure. Recognition of Creations. Reflection of Physicality’s inner Workings. Seeing deep into the Emotion/Mind/Physical bodies. Peace within the Physical Body. Seeking.
Recognize Physical change.  Duality Consciousness. Third Eye - Throat Chakra - Etheric Body Link. Mount Fuji. Archangel Gabriel. Kerubim.

Physical/Body Systems;-Kinoite is stabilizing to the Nervous System and treats all manner of Central Nervous System Disorders. Epilepsy, Convulsions, Spasms and involuntary movements are a specialty of this Mineral. (Restless leg Syndrome)  Can work with Teeth, realigning ill mannered templates. 

It is powerful Anti-Stress stone especially when the condition is accompanied with Physical/Mental/Emotional Exhaustion. 

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Aids in the rediscovery of our True Selves when we are lost in the World or ways of Another.

-Resurrects and Repairs us from the deepest Delusions.

-Powerful remedy for those that have a subconscious ‘Empty vs. Full’ attitude in life, meaning that when they are empty subconsciously (Morning or start of the week) there is room to be patient, open and a good sounding board, but when full (Afternoon or End of the week), the world is held at arms length and really annoying.

-Kinoite is a ‘Depression after Failed Relationship’ Specialist, especially in a Trinity with Amber and Iolite.