Indicolite 20ml (SCD3C) Nurtured Expression

Indicolite 20ml (SCD3C) Nurtured Expression
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Indicolite (D3C) (Blue Tourmaline)

Simple Purpose; –Nurtured Expression. 

Master Deva Name;-Kaba-na-el-m

Principle Color(s);-Light and Dark Blue.


Simple Earth Emanation Point;-Pico de Orizaba, Mexico.

Affirmation;- “ Nature is my guide I flow with the river of Life.”

Keywords;-Nurtured Expression, Rivers and streams of emotion, Powerful Meridian Healer. Motivates, Encourages and Empowers. The Blue Flame of Peace.  Sadness, Overwhelm,  Nature as a guide. Service, Third Eye activation, Nurture,  Isis , Maat, The Lady Nada. Very Sacred and Connected to The Archangel Michael.

Physical/ Body Systems - Bed wetting. Overcoming speech impediments, stuttering and other Voice issues. Overwhelm of all kinds, this is an Emergency Crystal. Can be of use in Motion Sickness and Vertigo. Headaches and Brain Imbalances (Especially after Stroke). 

Extra Mineral Specific Information;

-Angers that cannot be cooled or calmed any other way can be fixed and its cause perfectly expressed with Indicolite.

- Indicolite makes up the Third and final step in a powerful reset Trinity of Crystals known as ‘The Blue Wave’ that heals all illness on all levels by perfected expression. It is usually prescribed where communication or expression  is lacking, inappropriate or explosive. The other Crystals are- 1) Angelite, 2)Sapphire with Indicolite in position 3, other combinations of these three are also very powerful, as is the substitution of Blue Lace Agate for Angelite when needed.