Gaspeite 20ml (SCD10A) Synchronicity

Gaspeite 20ml (SCD10A) Synchronicity
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Gaspeite (D10A)

Simple Purpose; – Synchronicity

Master Deva Name- Ga-el-nem-ra

Principle Color(s);- Apple Green, Pastle Green.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mt Ossa, Tasmania Australia.

Affirmation;- “All Creativity is born from a single Seed.”

Key Words-Synchronicity, Dreamtime. Vision. Memory. Divinity in Mortal Life. Stress reduction. Forgiveness. Trust. Faith in Spirit. Service. Lack of Goals. Lack of Passion and Drive. Blue Flame of Peace. White Eagle. Sedona(USA) connection.

Physical/Systems;- Has an affinity for the Digestive system and all its conditions especially related to over action or Stress. Tension Headaches. Angina. Cramping. Cataracts and other Eye Conditions especially where peripheral vision is affected. Phantom body pains and deep Bone Pain can be calmed. (Especially in the Feet and Hands)

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Under Gaspeite’s spell we are able to simply trust in the Divine Flow, she shows us a holistic view of every moment allowing all the links to be seen, the Synchronistic nature of a spiritual life, how one simple move effects the whole.

Powerfully Indicates Causation and Fault in life situations and is Powerfully Calming both Mentally and Emotionally, and Very good with Conditions of Stress.

-Turquoise is Gaspeites younger American sister.

“Stagnancy in Life only exists when the whole of that which surrounds us is not being honored.”