Fire Agate 20ml (SCD8C) Light Reflection

Fire Agate 20ml (SCD8C) Light Reflection
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Fire Agate (D8C)

Simple Purpose; – Light Reflection.

Master Deva Name- Ke-a-mai-ku-ra-el

Principle Color(s);- All

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mt Salcantay, Peru.

Affirmation;- “Safe in the world, I can be Still.”

Keywords;-Reflection. Wisdom of ones Light. Inner Fires Manifestation. Protection. Confidence in inner path. Flexibility of Vibration, Freewill, Forward movement. Action by Inner Reaction. Truth of ones vibrational outputs. Mexico, Anubis. Ra. Osiris. Geb. Archangel Gabriel

Physical/Body Systems;-Nervous System misfire Specialist, Cramping in all systems, Excess of Fire in any and all Systems. Vitality Enhancement and Antidepressant Stone. Tiredness(Sunstone). 

Inflammation. Arthritis, Joint Pain and Gout in its Chronic stages.  Allergy in Children related to the Breath and Respiratory system. 

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Teaches forward movement is a result of what happens within a person. Discernment is this stones absolute domain.

-Reflects the Truth in all situations.

-Fire Agate is the Bullies Stone.