Eulytine 20ml (SCD1H) Unity

Eulytine 20ml (SCD1H) Unity
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Eulytine (D1H)


Simple Purpose; –Unity

Master Deva Name-Ven-nu-re-el

Principle Colors;-Orange, Brown, Red, Bright Lime Green, Colorless

Major Earth Emanation Pt;-Aoraki / Mount Cook, NZ

Affirmation;-“We are Eternal, all Serves the Divine“

Possible Physical/Body Systems;-Eulytine is a cooling and body system communication crystal opening all the pathways between the systems so balance and harmony can arise. Ear problems, Balance and Vertigo issues. Fevers and Headaches due to Stress. It is a Digestive System Balancing Crystal.

Keywords;-Unity Consciousness, Androgynous, Emotional unity, Outcome consciousness, Spiritual Travel inward and outward, Angelic Earth Mastery, Transformation, Trust in Spirit leading to endless Peace, Dissolves feelings of emotional and spiritual isolation, Calms change, Equality, Sight beyond duality, Sexual and gender confusion, Clears energy bodies, Fevers, Increases Body Senses, Vertigo, Clear Flame Awareness. The Lady Tefnut, Achangel Metatron. Lord Gautama.