Eudialyte 20ml (SCD4H) Unconditional Love

Eudialyte 20ml (SCD4H) Unconditional Love
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Eudialyte (D4H)

Simple Purpose; – Unconditional Love.

Master Deva Name- Yu-ka-da-ree-el-m–ra.

Principle Color(s);- Gold, Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Violet, Green.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mount Gongga, Sichuan China

Affirmation;- “Universal Love lives in Me, all I do is Sacred.”

Keywords;- Anxiety, Life Force enhancer, Inspiration, Light the path to Life Goals, Facilitates the Manifestation of Spiritual Unconditional Love on to the Earth plane. Clairaudient discernment. Death and Dying. Telepathy, Links the Heart and the Base Chakras. A Higher Heart Stone and keeper of the Pink Flame. Athena. Li Tieguai and the Eight Immortals.

Physical/ Systems;- Eudialyte effects the heart on all levels even physically, it detoxifies the blood, and targets Bone marrow complications. Eudialyte is a Nervous system tonic and treats disorders there including Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and Alzheimer's. All Emotional based Autisms will benefit from this stone.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-
- Activates profound Love and teaches one to let the Universal Flow be a guide as to its release into Creation.

-Offers Perfected Discernment in all matters.

-This crystal is a powerful Amplifier of Life force, Confidence and Self-love.

-Eudialyte is a End of Process stone. Relationships, contracts, Moving Home  etc. Where you wish a process or situation to end or change, Eudialyte always allows the most peaceful path to be seen and circumstances to be Let Go in the most peaceful manner.

-This is the Atlantian ‘Stone of Miracles’ given to humanity as a gift from the Lady Athena it could be seen as the Mineral Kingdoms Olive Tree.