Euclase 20ml (SCD6H) The Divine Directive.

Euclase 20ml (SCD6H) The Divine Directive.
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Euclase (D6H)

Simple Purpose; – The Divine Directive.

Master Deva Name- U-ra-pa-el

Principle Color(s);- Blue, Green, Yellow, Clear

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mt Maromokotro, Madagascar.

Affirmation;- “I am the result of Divine Balance.”

Keywords;- The Divine Directive, Etheric Reader, Etheric Magnification. Soul Star, The Active Heart, Crown Chakra, Healing, Soul Voice, Higher self, Glamour/Maya/Illusion Balance. Sacred Geometry and Mathematics Mastery. Etheric river of Change, Lord Sananda. Ra. Solar Angel. 

Physical and Body Systems;- Sooths Meridians and flows of Light on all levels which helps stagnant conditions such as Arthritis, Muscle Tension, Cramping and Constrictions of all kinds including vascular. It is Antibacterial and Antiviral. Powerfully treats Chronic Fatique Syndrome and any tiredness/exhaustion based conditions. 

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Known as the ‘Stone of Happiness’, Euclase activates a life of Joy and smiles, a gift it manifests through is amazing Etheric linking ability. It initiates continuous flow, movement and change sculpted by reason and an open Heart guided by a powerful intuition. This powerful connection results from the Etheric world, Heart and the Crown Chakra becoming Linked, meaning that All creations are Aligned with Divine Directives.

-In General this is perhaps the most perfect Healing stone on this Planet at this time. 

-Euclase is a spesciallist healer of  the set of circumstances that have become known as ‘Chronic Fatique Syndrome’.

-For those studying the Life of Jesus this Crystal is a Keystone releasing hidden teachings. Request ‘The Blue Heart of Love.’’