Cuprite 20ml (SCD10C) Flaming Anchor

Cuprite 20ml (SCD10C) Flaming Anchor
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Cuprite (D10C)

Simple Purpose; – Flaming Anchor 

Master Deva Name- Ra-kulu-el

Principle Color(s);- Black Red, Red, Blood Red.

Simple Earth Minor Emanation Point;- Mount Murchison, Tasmania Aust.

Affirmation;- “Every moment is Sacred.”

Keywords;-The Flaming Anchor. Powerful Grounding. Activation of the Animus. Kundalini Activation. The Spiritual Return. Surrender. Magnetizing. True Power of Spirit. Reality of Physicality. Records of Self. Father Vibration. The Green Flame. Divine Masculine. Divine Will on Earth. Devic Communication. Language of the Trees. Osiris. Odin. Nephthys. Machhapuchhre Mountain. 

Physical/Systems;-Teats all manner of Cardiovascular System issues. Can help with Blood imbalances. Looks to place the Physical Body at its peak Stimulating Weight Loss or Gain. Treats all water balance issues focusing on the Urinary System and its Acidity Balance and Regulation. Has been used to aid Altitude Sickness, Vertigo and Tinnitus.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Enforces and whispers the Souls purpose in the Physical world to every Cell in the body reminding it of the True Power of Spirit.

-The ‘Will to Live’ that many seek and need in moments of desperation, is the true domain of Cuprite. ‘An Active Life, Fosters a Happy Soul.” and the words, ‘An Idle mind is the Devils Playground.’ are things this mineral teaches and allows people to Embrace. 

-Cupriteeliminates Worry and Misplaced Faith bringing Power back to the Self from Outside Distractions.

- Cuprite heals issues with Father Figures and the Father Energy even from past lifetimes (Very powerful with Rose Quartz).