Creedite 20ml (SCD4A) Emotional Vision

Creedite 20ml (SCD4A) Emotional Vision
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Creedite (D4A)

Simple Purpose; – Emotional Vision

Master Deva Name- Cree-oa-el

Principle Color(s);- white, violet, Clear,

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Sutai Mountain, Mongolia.

Affirmation;- “I walk my path with Love.”

Keywords;- Clarity, Expression of Spiritual in Life, Channeling, Translation Stone (Spiritual information to the Physical), Conceptual embrace, Insight, foresight, overcoming obstacles. Crown and Throat Link. Group Vibration. Skeletal issues, Liver Detoxification. Bast, Ptaah. The Triple Temple-Mountain (Kilimanjaro).

-Physical/ Systems;- Heart Issues on all Levels, Kidney issues, Eye Disorders and Visual disturbances, Schizophrenia, OCD, Healing of bone fractures. Balances general digestive Health esspecially regarding the assimilation of vitamins and Minerals and their Distribution.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;

- In many ways Creedite is like Emotional Kyanite; Kyanite powerfully aligns and links concepts and stages correcting imbalance, where as, this stone completes the same tasks but by simply allowing faith in the Flow to outcome.

-In Life, where the negative things feel as though they are going to last forever Creedite indicates the underlying movement no matter how slow, this can be the most important step in cases of Depression.

-Very Powerful Cat Communication Stone.