Charlesite 20ml (SCD1A) Faith in Action

Charlesite 20ml (SCD1A) Faith in Action
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Charlesite (D1A)


Simple Purpose; – Faith in Action.


Master Deva Name- Cha-na-kai-ra


Principle Colors;- Clear, White, Yellow, Gold, Pink


Lesser Earth Emanation Pt;- Lake Taupo, NZ.


Affirmation;- “I am faith in Action.”


Possible Physical/Body Systems;- Charlesite is a detoxification Mineral on all levels including the physical it should always be prescribed with a glass of Water. Has an affinity for the Adrenal Glands and can have powerful effect in ongoing cases of Chronic Fatigue. Treats Vertigo and Tinnitus. 

Keywords;--Faith in Action, Lights the Fire, Discernment, Choice, The Bigger Picture, Lost, Inactive life from overwhelming choice, Self service, Selfish/Selfless Balance, Duality Mastery, Personal Power re-activation, Decisiveness, Tiredness, Drug induced psychosis, Vertigo, Adrenal Glands, Liver, Detoxification on all levels, Lord of Time, Osiris, Ra, Archangel Metatron.