Cerussite 20ml (SCD7H) Encapsulation

Cerussite 20ml (SCD7H) Encapsulation
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Cerussite (D7H)

Simple Purpose; – Encapsulation

Master Deva Name- Ru-Mata-bastel

Principle Color(s);- Clear, White, Gray, Blue, or Green.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mt Shishapangma ‘Gosainthān’ (Child)

Affirmation;- “My world is a single feeling of Love.”

Keywords;-Flexibility of Vibration, Comfort in all Situations, Adaptability, Composure, Recognizes what needs to Change and how to do it. Letting Go. Moving with the flow of Life. Flexibility with personal Power intact. Decision Making. Allows Creativity to guide life. True Listening. Left/Right Brain Balance. Balances introversion. Cooperation.

Physical/ Systems;- Holds a Powerful affinity for the Ears. Balances the Left and Right sides of the Brain by Micro-Encapsulation of areas.(Important). Treats Insomnia, Disorders of coordination. Heals the Skeletal system.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-This crystal is able to make you familiar with that which is yours and encapsulate you in it to be sure that what you are dealing with in life is really yours.

-In Relationships and Life Cerussite helps with true Listening and the ability to Hear with the Heart, Mind and Soul.

-Master stone of Firey temprements, attitudes and Situations, teaching the Highest spritual Lessons found upon such Paths. Passion and all its aspects are this minerals absolute domain. 

-The Most powerful Angelic Communication Stone.