Caledonite 20ml (SCD11C) The Celestial Path

Caledonite 20ml (SCD11C) The Celestial Path
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Caledonite (D11C)

Simple Purpose; – Celestial Path

Master Deva Name- Celo-hara-ma-ka-el-m

Principle Color(s);- Deep Blue, Blue/Green (Transparent)

Simple Earth Emanation Point;-  The Dead Sea (Israel)

Affirmation;- “The world is not my single responsibility.”

Keywords;-The Celestial Path. The Counsel of Truth. Expression. Love, Power and Wisdom Balance. Seeing spirit in the Physical. Reminder of Divine intention that we carry. Attachment. Tolerance. Lake of Eternity. Lady of The Lake. Isis and Osiris. The Starchild Directives. Mt. Fuji.

Physical/Systems;- Caledonite a specialist healer of Wounds and elevates Immunity. It is useful in Addiction, especially where there is heat or Anger. Varicose Veins and other Vascular and Lymphatic issues of Integrity. Epithelial Tissues are truly in the realm of this Crystals specialized healing abilities making its benefits run far and wide in the physical. Its gifts are potent throughout the Directive system where it is a specialist for any Ulceration or inflammation including Chronic Diverticulitis.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

This crystal has an amazing ability to activate ‘Celestial Truth’ especially regarding the placement of Personal Power in the World.

-Cuts through Delusions with a true view of self and a desire to be whole. Attachments are removed and insights into ones future are offered so planning can be achieved. 

-Caledonite is an anti-anger stone adding cool direct thought so the heated can think there way free of the overwhelming feelings and express in one Roar of inward frustration. 

-This is the sacred Stone of The Arthurian ‘Lady of the Lake’.

‘We feel and recognize the Truth, We care not for your old mortal reasoning’.