Botryogen 20ml (SCD10H) The Inner Fire

Botryogen 20ml (SCD10H) The Inner Fire
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Botryogen (D10H)

Simple Purpose; –The Inner Fire

Master Deva Name- Geb-an-tura-el

Principle Color(s);- Light/Dark Orange, Red.

Simple Earth Minor Emanation Point;- Mount Roland, Tasmania Australia. 

(Note;- This Mineral has a Special Link to Ayers Rock Aust. Making Ancient Light Manuscripts available to those allowed Access.)

Affirmation;- “The divine spark is in all things, Nature has many disguses.”

Keywords;-The Inner Fire, Vitality, Spirituality of Physical form. Power of Physicality. Respect for Physical Manifestations. Language of Nature. Sexuality. Pregnancy. Sacral Chakra. Teaches the place of the Divine on Earth. Sacred Stone of El Morya. Osiris. Nephthys. Krishna. The Nile. Ayers Rock. 

Physical/Systems;- This Crystal is a powerful reproductive tonic, Increasing Fertility and Potency (Crocoite, Carnelian). Botryogen can work at levels most other substances cannot access in regard to Genetic Material work. In Matters of DNA/RNA it is unmatched, we could say it is Elestial Quartz’s more Vital Brother. (One of its greatest gifts is its ability to Piggy Back other substances to Genetic Depth).Alcoholism and Methamphetamine/Ice Addiction.  Spleen Issues. Chills and Body Temperature regulation issues. Increases Immunity and Balances Lymphatic System(where this Crystal is amazing especially with Lapis Lazuli). 

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

- Botryogen lets us see the roles we play in creating our world and can help us to find a healthy Balance where the arts of experiencing, living and/or working towards change are concerned.

- Facilitates Trust, Balance and Independence in relationships.

-Botryogen settles the Pre-birth nerves of a Soul about to enter Earth life and is a powerful crystal of the Birthing process anchoring vitality, especially where there are signs of exhaustion. 

- A very powerful Fire Remedy that is crucial to the relocation of Peace for Alcoholics and all Drug addictions. (But especially those that increase Fire).