Bixbite(Red Beryl) 20ml (SCD7A) Soul Fire

Bixbite(Red Beryl) 20ml (SCD7A) Soul Fire
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Bixbite- Red Beryl (D7A)

Simple Purpose; – Soul Fire.

Master Deva Name- Illu-min-Ra-te-ka-bel

Principle Color(s);- Red

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Como Chamling Lake (Mother)

Affirmation;- “I Choose to feel Life, my Soul is an Eternal Fire.”

-Keywords;-Soul Fire, The Red Emerald, Crown/Base Swap, Heart Chakra Empowerment, Positivity, Optimism, Vitality, The Sun, Fire, Kundalini, Relationships, Cooperation. Depression. Cancer. Blackness. Blindness. Lack of care. Judgement. All too hard. Ra, Anubis, The Red Flaming Sword. Temple of Fire. Sirius. Archangel Michael.

Physical/ Systems;-Chronic Tiredness and Exhaustion. Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, Diabetes and Blood Sugar issues. Testosterone Balance in Men. Functional Issues of the Heart. Spleen and Kidney Function.  Cleanses and is a tonic to the Respiratory and Digestive systems. This is Body System Link stone, it links systems in the body that are not communicating effectively and thus causing illness.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Often called ‘The Red Emerald’, Bixbite is a very rare stone, a High frequency crystal that lights the Crown and Base then swaps their role temporarily whist keeping the Heart Chakra WIDE open. The Result is a Respect for Life and all its Aspects.

- Increases the Souls presence so profoundly that Negativity, Fears and Delusions have to Dissolve.

This is the Keystone for those that have given too much of themselves in Emotional Service and need to rebuild.