Aurichalcite 20ml (SCD2C) Fearlessness

Aurichalcite 20ml (SCD2C) Fearlessness
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 Aurichalcite (D2C)

Simple Purpose; –Fearlessness

Master Deva Name-Sib-na-ka-el

Principle Color(s);-Green, Blue, 

Simple Earth Emanation Point;-Monte Viso, Italy

Affirmation;-Fear is an Illusion, I own it.”

Physical/Systems;-Ranks as one of the best Endocrine Balancing Crystals on this planet(Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli). Anti-Bacterial and Anti-inflammatory. Insomnia and sleep issues. Stress. Restlessness. Hyperactivity where expression is concerned and Voice control issues such as Tourette’s Syndrome.

Keywords;-Fearlessness, The truth behind fears, Calming power of Truth, Harmony. Breath control, Panic, Illusion, Loss of Self to Darkness, Pineal Gland and Thalamus issues. Original thought. Abandon. Malignant states. 

Note also;-Due to Aurichalcite’s connection to Deep Fears and its continuous freeing of Stagnant thoughts that have been turned inward and masked in false wild expression, this is a powerful remedy for Malignant states in the Human Body. It ranks very highly in the rediscovery and renewal of the ordered expression of ones infinite light. This crystal may play a very important role with Cancers that are incurable by any other means.