Atacamite 20ml (SCD7C) Universal Womb

Atacamite 20ml (SCD7C) Universal Womb
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Atacamite  (D7C)

Simple Purpose; – Universal Womb. 

Master Deva Name- Bas-in-to-car-el

Principle Color(s);- Green, Emerald Green, Black Green.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mt Makalu“The Great Black”(Father)

Affirmation;- “I feel, I breath, I Act.”

Keywords;- Spiritual connection repair stone. Sacral. Heart. Womb. Blackness. Higher Heart. Self-Confidence. Perseverance, patience, Silence, Peace. Visions. Nurture. Healing. Arcturian Contact Stone. Isis.

Physical/ Systems;-Strengthening to the Nervous system, Endocrine glands and Thyroid. Atacamite is a Migraine Headache Specialist. Treats all Manner of Congestion and Blockage in the Lower Sacral area. Stress Stone that is very calming.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Powerfully increases creativity and clears blocks in manifestation. 

-Increases Sexual energies and Fertility.

-Specific stone for those that cannot understand why others are offended by them “I’m only telling the Truth” is an old favorite of the person that REALLY needs this stones assistance.

-A Mother to us all when one is most needed.