Andalusite 20ml (SCD5A) True Intention

Andalusite 20ml (SCD5A) True Intention
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Andalusite (D5A)

Simple Purpose; – True Intention

Master Deva Name- Nan-da-ku-bast-el

Principle Color(s);- Pink, Red brown, Yellow, Green, White, Violet.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Salcantay, Peru.

Affirmation;- “I stay the Journey it lives in Me.”

Keywords;- The Cross, Self Sacrifice Reduces Fear of Mortality, Balance of vibrational inputs and Outputs, Protective, Intention Stone, Conflict resolution, Adds power to crush Emotional Blocks. Moderation. Spiritual Grounding, Earth Star activation, Memory, Recognition of the Immortal part of self, Reminder of the warrior within. Seth, Bast, Osiris. The Yellow Flame of Mind.

Physical/ Systems;- Andalusite treats Life and vitality giving areas, the Breath, Blood, Bone Marrow, Adrenal Glands and Brain working as aTonic for general Health and Balance. It lowers fever, Balances Acidity and can be used in any conditions where Oxygen distribution has become imbalanced.

Extra Mineral Specific Information;-

-Some calling symptoms of Andalusite are Self-Doubt, Inaccurate Discernment, Temper Tantrums and Violent Outburts that alternate with Peace and Calm.

-Creates multiple views of an issue or problem so a solution can be found that suits all parties. 

-Highly Protective by way of isolating ones vibration to a specific frequency, which simultaneously stimulates inward focus and faith.