Alumino Adamite 20ml (SCD2A) The Voice of Love

Alumino Adamite 20ml (SCD2A) The Voice of Love
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Alumino Adamite (D2A)

Simple Purpose; – The voice of Love.

Master Deva Name- Adama-ra-el

Principle Colors;- Clear Ice Blue, Green.

Simple Earth Emanation Point;- Mont Blanc- (France/Italy)

Affirmation;- “Truth is always Personal.”

Physical/Systems;- Mind Flashes, Blackouts, Psychosis, Depression, Mental issues. Breathing and Heart conditions of reduction or Lack. Asthma and Eczema. Stressed for no apparent reason.

Keywords;- The Voice of Love, Letting Go, Flow, Powerful Anti-Depressant, Vocalizing, Courage to actively pursue ones spiritual path, Divine Masculine at Rest, Universal Mind, Divine Mind, Expression, Blocked, Stuck, Repeating thoughts, trapped,  Hopeless with no Exit, Spiritual depression, Repression of Spirit, Heart, Lungs, Endocrine System, Head conditions of Stagnancy, Wisdom, Thoth.

Extra aspects from the Starchild Directives;- 

- Alumino Adamite can offer Courage and strength to create in the world and succeed physically especially with roles and in pursuits that originate from divine thought, new things never seen before.

- This stone can be very powerful after abuse of any kind or any traumatic events that have resulted in someone going inward to avoid facing the world.