Papagoite Quartz 20ml (SCD2H) The Inner Temple

Papagoite Quartz 20ml (SCD2H) The Inner Temple
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Papagoite Quartz (D2H)


Simple Purpose; –The Inner Temple

Master Deva Name- Ru-pa-ge-ra-ku-el

Principle Color(s);-Blue

Simple Earth Emanation Pt;-The Rosengarten Group. (The Rose Garden)

Affirmation;-“My Expression is a Path to the Perfection within. 

Physical/Body Systems;-Eye problems, digestive Issues, Headaches and Physical Brain pathologies. Anti-inflammatory. Soothing and Cooling. Body Water Balancing  and a Tonic to the Urinary System.  Treats Stress on all Levels.

Keywords;- The Inner Temple, Tranquility, Peace, Mental Cleaner,  Throat and Third Eye Chakras, Clarity in Expression of Thought. Optimism, Service, Giving, Equality, Joy and Euphoria through Spiritual thought expression. Telepathy, Thought Transfer(Remote Viewing),  Brain function, Stress relief, Affinity for Eye disorders, Relaxing agent in Digestive Disorders, The most soothing vibration in the mineral kingdom, Water, Ocean, Akashic Record access, Lord Devlin of ThePleiadian System (The Father of Love). Isis and Osiris.

Something Extra -Originally Papogoite alone, Outside of Quartz, was brought to Earth as a gift from the Pleiadian Star system where it is known as ‘The stone of Blending’ due to its gifts between frequencies. Its principle use is ‘Frequency Molding’, a process where water is manipulated to create molds for Solid objects. (Some of which break all the rules of what we call structure. This played a role in the Re-creation of the Isirian and Osirian Principles long ago in Atlantis for Humanities future.)