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Deva Name - Galandel

Crystals Simple Purpose with humanity - Manifestation of Purpose

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Blocked Creativity manifests a boring tired unimaginative even depressed self. Lacks Devotion and commitment to purpose in crisis.

Powerfully emotionally creative inspiring and imaginative. Strong survival instincts anchor courage turning tragedy into challenge.

Spiritual and Other Aspects -
Garnet demonstrates the pure energy and power of the Red Ray in its actions. Increases the Sexual Appetite. Circulates the creative energies of the lower Chakras to the Heart to stabilize action via love into manifestation. Works at the last level of Manifestation facilitating the step into physicality as the male counterpart of Moonstone.

Possible Physical - Infertility Sterility and Frigidity. Rejuvenation Regeneration and Purification of the Blood. Aids function of Heart and Lungs.

Animal Totem - Kookaburra

Essential Oil -Elemi

Message from Galandel.

?On the journey back to that which you are I will guide you to the sacred space of inner strengths that you possess. My presence will encourage and nurture you to use your gifts in a Creative manner finding new paths to fulfill your purpose. Using the active stabilized heart as a filter we will then physically manifest a divine legacy that will define the commitment to self that is required of you within the only perception that is valid your own.?