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Deva Name - Lemurel

Crystals Simple Purpose with humanity - Fearless Movement

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Fearful to step into the uncharted waters of life especially in relationships and issues of the heart. Unable to see life?s cycles. Lack Hope. Judgmental.

Recognition and grounding of life?s cycles creates forward movement in all matters of life. Hopeful and Forgiving. Greater acceptance of others.

Spiritual and Other Aspects -
Aids in achieving a deep state in meditation. Increases Dexterity. Heals a broken heart by allowing the realization of present growth cycles and lessons.

Possible Physical - Infertility. Stress and Depression. Nightmares in Children. Hormonal imbalance. Prostate gland testicles and ovaries.

Animal Totem - Deer

Essential Oil -Fennel

Message from Lemurel

?Step forward into the uncharted waters of life's experience I will guide you. Let there be no fear in this as continuous Joy is your divine right. I carry the spark that will re-light the flame of individuality within you allowing your unity with all to become known once again. Open to my all encompassing love and be now present.?