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Deva Name - I-ra-el

Crystals Simple Purpose with humanity - Peace

Mental / Emotional Aspects

Possible Negative Condition(s)-

Possible Positive Outcome(s)-

Turmoil and general Discord. Wasting expressive energies via Anger aggression Fears Doubts and Worries. Unsettled and Conflicted. Blind of self.

Peace in the mind and emotions. Better structure of outgoing energies infused with peace and Harmony. Calm Soothed and settled. Finds aspects of self.

Spiritual and Other Aspects -
Facilitates Angelic communication. Enhances channeling and telepathic abilities.Installs a protective shield around the user and astral travel is enhanced.

Possible Physical - Thymus gland. Heart symptoms. Infectious Diseases. Inflammation of the throat. Water retention and swelling.

Animal Totem - Boto Dolphin

Essential Oil -Bergamot

Message from I-ra-el.

?Enter on my journey for I carry the message of Peace from the higher realms of spirit to the densest forms of matter. I allow one to know the importance of true and real communication in the search for the absolute spiritual self within which for those that are blinded by anger I hold the key to renewed peace with the world and all of creation. ?